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I’m back!  I recently completed an epic, once-in-a-lifetime cross-country bus trip from Ithaca, NY to San Francisco, CA.  I, along with fellow members of Cornell University Sustainable Design (CUSD), have worked with the US Green Building Council for the last several months to plan out every detail of this trip.  We stopped at six schools along the way to pick up other college students, and we led educational workshops for K-12 schools at each stop.  After an amazing nine days of road-tripping, we ended up in San Francisco for the GreenBuild International Conference and Expo.  At GreenBuild, the 15,000 person plenary was kicked off by our video of the bus tour (watch it above)!  The remainder of the 3-day conference was spent cramming as much new knowledge about sustainable technologies into my head as possible, while simultaneously orchestrating several talks that we gave during the conference about both CUSD and the bus tour experience.  Learn more about the bus tour here, and read on for tons more details, pictures, and a timelapse of the whole drive!

If you really want to get an inside look at the trip, you need to watch each of the event videos.  We made a new video for each outreach event that we did along the way.  Check them out:

But wait, there’s more!  For the entirety of the trip, I mounted my DSLR camera to the bus dashboard, and hooked it up to a TimeLapse+ trigger to take a photo out the front window every minute.  At the end of the trip, I mashed up all the photos into an epic timelapse. Fair warning, the video flashes very quickly, and you probably shouldn’t watch it if bright,flashing videos bother you.

One more surprise.  We made a rap video.  Don’t get to excited – I didn’t personally perform in the video, some of my friends did.  But, it’s awesome nonetheless. The song is a parody of the popular “I’m on a Boat” video by LoneyIsland (Note: the LonelyIsland video has profanity, but ours does not):

You can find lots of photos from the whole bus tour on the USGBC’s Flickr set:


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