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Close-Up Shot of my Light-Up Mortar Board
The Mortar Board includes an Arduino, a 9V Battery, 8 Green LEDs, 4 Yellow LEDs, and 1 Red LED

This was one of those “Why Not?” moments.  While sitting at dinner with family and friends the night before my graduation commencement, somebody mentioned that a light up Mortar Board would be really cool.  Realizing that I had all the parts necessary to make one in my apartment, I went home and whipped this up just in time for graduation.  Making the whole thing, including soldering, wiring, and programming took about 2 hours.

As always, this project is open source.  The arduino source code, and the wiring schematic is available for download from GitHub.

Here’s a close-up video of it working (posted on my facebook the night before graduation):

And here’s a video of me demonstrating it on graduation day (posted on my secondary youtube account):


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