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This project was featured in Cornell’s 2012 ECE Day Video on 05/18/2012
This project was featured on the Hack-a-Day Blog on 05/21/2012
This project was featured on the Treehugger Blog on 06/06/2012


Introducing the HelioWatcher!  The HelioWatcher is mine and Jason Wright’s final design project for Cornell’s “Designing with Microcontrollers” class.  In short, the HelioWatcher is a solar panel that is capable of automatically tracking the sun based on location, time/date, and real-time directional lighting input.  It employs an array of sensors, solar optimization algorithms, an embedded controller, and data logging software to enable long-term solar analytics.  Learn more at, download source on GitHub, and grab the design files for the 3D-printed mechanical components on Thingiverse.

Check out the system in action:

Photos of the HelioWatcher System:


  1. Hi,
    This is great. I was thinking to build exactly same thing. Thanks for providing this video.
    Though I am new with arduino but having great fun and I am becoming fan of your videos.
    Again thanks a lot.

  2. hi I was wondering if you could help me out with my science fair project, I want to do something like this but a little more simple do you think you guys could help

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