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Speaking about Sustainable Design at the White House Young America Speaker Series
How I've leveraged Interdisciplinary Collaboration to build up Cornell University Sustainable Design

Recently, I had the privilege to speak at Syracuse University as part of a speaker series for young Americans promoting social change.  The event was sponsored and put on by the White House, and I had the opportunity to meet some white house officials, as well as some inspiring students who were doing work to better their communities.

I was specifically asked to come speak about the work I did to develop Cornell University Sustainable Design, and how we’ve used interdisciplinary collaboration to further our ability as students to impact both local and global communities with respect to increasing environmental sustainability.  The entire event was 3 hours long, with lots of great speakers, but my part was about 10 minutes, and it starts at 36 minutes into the video linked below.

Click here to Watch the Event Recording (I start at 36 minutes in)

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