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This post was featured on on 8/29/2011
This post was featured on on 9/01/2011
This post was featured on on 9/01/2011

Robotic Hand Version 2

Remember [Easton’s] Robotic Hand from a few months ago?  We’ll he hasn’t been resting on his laurels since winning the regional science fair and going to nationals.  I’ve been continuing to communicate with him and lending my advice with regard to electronics and programming.  But most importantly, I used my recently acquired Makerbot access to 3D-print him an entirely new hand.  Easton created a derivative work based on this hand.  Using his designs (and after some touching-up and optimizing for support material 3D printing), I was able to print out all the parts and send them to Easton so he could make the most bad-ass animatronic arm I’ve ever seen.  It’s still a work in progress, but this is extremely impressive – especially for a sophomore in high school.  Oh yeah, and I did I mention that Easton was featured in Popular Science!?  Keep up the work work, Easton!  Check out a video of the arm below, and get access to all his (open source!) files.

Creative Commons License Hand Source Code (1KB Zip)
Hand Design Files (Thingiverse)


  1. By the way what did you use for the strings (which metal?) from the servos to the fingers. What is the rated torque of these servos?. And how are you routing the strings for a finger?Are you using two oppositely coupled strings for a single finger? Please let us know.

    1. Hello my name is Easton and I am the creator of the project. I used nylon coated stell wire which I got from a jewlery store. As for the servos they are 6.5kg*cm at 6v. The string go to the servos and its as simple as that I just played around with the config of then until I found which servos control which finger. One string goes to one finger. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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