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CUSD Splash Page

CUSD = Cornell University Sustainable Design. Ever wonder why I sometimes don’t respond to emails for a long time? Or why I can’t release videos every week? CUSD is the reason. It’s my bread and butter at Cornell – far more important to me than any of the classes I’m taking. I’ve talked about it a bunch before. Formerly Cornell’s Solar Decathlon team, I reformed it into a comprehensive sustainability organization about a year and half ago (with the rest of the amazing team leaders). In addition to leading the organization’s efforts to promote social, economic, and energy sustainability at Cornell and globally, I also serve as the team leader of CUSD’s on-campus project, as well as the webmaster. We finally finished re-crafting CUSD’s splash page yesterday, and I wanted to share (Big thanks to everybody who worked on it! – They are credited on the bottom of the site).

Go check out our new homepage, and more importantly, click the two big project buttons to learn more about both of our projects. Our “Schoolhouse: South Africa” project is trying to raise $150,000 to build a school in South Africa, and we could use any help we can get! You can make a donation here.

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