Hacker Highlights: Easton’s Animatronic Hand


Easton at the Science Fair[Easton LaChappelle] first got in touch with me last year when he started to work on this project. I thought it was great idea, and considering that he was a freshman in high school, I was very impressed by his enthusiasm to learn about electronics, wireless communications, etc. I gave him a few pointers here and there, and within a couple of months of he unveiled a spectacularly amazing animatronic hand as a response to my Arduino design contest. But, the real purpose of the project was to submit it to the regional science fair. Naturally, he won the First Place Air Force Award, will be going to the state competition, and was invited to attend an international science fair in Los Angeles. Congratulations!

Easton has agreed to release the materials from this project under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Download the source code, final report, schematics, and PCB etching files below.

Creative Commons License

Research and Analysis (1.3MB Zip)
Schematic, PCB, and Source Code (1.7MB Zip)


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