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My Lab workbench was featured on “The Amp Hour: Episode 30” on 02/15/11

Jeremy in the LabA few weeks ago, I discovered the totally awesome Amp Hour Podcast.  I even blogged about its awesomeness!  Anyways, they have a segment on the show called workbench of the week, and I figured I’d send in my workbench photos.  Let me give you a little background… The photo gallery after the break shows the electronics work area in the Computational Synthesis Lab where I work at Cornell. I’m involved in two projects: Machine Metabolism, and Stochastic Modular Assembly (Programmable Matter).  I worked on Machine Metabolism heavily up through last year (and submitted a paper to IEEE Robotics that is currently pending acceptance to the next issue), but am currently focusing on the programmable matter project with Jonas Neubert.  Scattered around the bench you can see a whole bunch of flex circuit boards that I’m currently in the throes of assembling.  I’m using the toaster in the background of the images to “bake” the components onto the boards using solderpaste applied via a lasercut stencil.  These flex boards will fold up to form the “building blocks” that you can see on the stochastic modular assembly page of the CCSL website.  This corner of the lab has been my home away from home!  Check out the pics after the break.


  1. I don’t know for sure how to reach you but I hope this does.
    Are you aware that when your system sends an e-mail to someone telling them there is a reply on a comment page they are watching all the links on it just go to the tutorial 15 advert page and not back to the comments page being highlighted in the e-mail? very frustrating!

  2. Wow !!! Cool working bench and I like your baking technique with the toaster… I’m going to make a working bench just like yours.

  3. You don’t happen to know the brand of the workbench there do you? I’m looking at getting something like this and the one pictured looks perfect.

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