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CUSD at the NYS Fair

This past Thursday marked the start of my sophomore classes at Cornell University.  I’ve decided that I’m going to affiliate with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Major, and I’m also hoping to pursue a business minor.  However, classes have not been at the front of mind recently; instead, I’ve been far more focused on Cornell’s Solar Decathlon Team.  As I have mentioned before in my blog, I’m the Engineering Controls Team leader for Cornell’s “Silo House” entry into the bi-annual competition.  While I did not stay up at Cornell for the past summer as some other team member’s did, I did stop by for a while to get some work done on the home’s entertainment systems, and I spent a good amount of time maintaining and developing the back-end of our website.  About a week before the start of classes, I made my way up to the NY state fair grounds in Syracuse for 4 days, where the house will be on display until the competition in October.  So here’s the point of this post: If you live anywhere remotely close to Syracuse, go check out the house at the fair! It’s coming along really well, and if I do say so myself, it looks awesome!  We’re offering tours for as little as $2, and I’ll be giving some of the tours.  You can also check out pictures of the house on our website, and I’m hoping to have a virtual fly-through available soon.

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