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Yeah, it’s been a while since my last product review…I ordered this fancy new Home Server to backup all the computers in my house, and figured it would be the perfect opportunity to do another product review. Naturally, my brother (youtube user zoop425), wanted to review it too, so we reviewed it together. This made for some pretty funny bloopers (in my humble opinion), so even if you aren’t in the market for a home server, skip to the end to watch what happens when we attempt to work together :)


  1. Pretty cool, guys. It would be nice if we could post a question related to the home server and have you give a video for the answer.
    The first thing I thought of when I watched your video and realized what I was looking at was that I’d like to know I could restore my entire system if, say, my whole cpu got hatched or I just wanted to upgrade to a bigger, more powerful machine. I really hate reinstalling stuff. Is it possible to perform a complete restore to a new machine?

  2. yes, it is possible to do what you are describing. The server makes complete image backups. If you want to restore a PC from an image, just put the provided disc from HP in the machine, boot from it, and it will pull your image over the network.

  3. Great job on your videography. The review is very useful, so much so that I decided to buy the EX 487 based on it. It didn’t hurt that HP has the EX 487 on sale i.e. $150 off.

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