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Playing on the XBOX 360

It may be hard to believe, but somehow, we are still working on the bot :)

Here’s what I’ve got for ya:

The delay switch is now fully programmed and functional.  This means that the distance between the sensor bar and the bottom of the screen can be adjusted on the fly to accommodate for different television sizes, difficulty settings, and hyperspeed settings.

The metal rack arrived.  You didn’t think we would use those lego’s forever did you?  So, we started setting it up and modifying it to hold our sensors.  It will have a tripod connection so it can easily be setup in front of any screen.

We tested with Guitar Hero 3 and Guitar Hero 2 on XBOX360 today (we had previously been using the PC version of GH3).  It played both perfectly, and already has 5 stars in expert on Jordan from GH2. See the pic of it playing on the 360 above.

We’ve reworked our filter algorithm to make it better at detecting star power notes.  Previously, it had filtered them out on some occasions due to their shape.

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