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Work on the guitar has been continuing at a steady rate. What has been going on:

  • We’ve installed the d-sub connection into the side of the guitar
  • We’ve installed a switch above the whammy bar that will turn autonomous mode on or off
  • We’re still working on trying to mold the buttons so we can create some transparent replacements with LEDs inside
  • Code tweaking. We’re really close to fixing the issue where star power notes tend to not get strummed
  • More code tweaking. The level of software post-processing has gotten so heavy that we are moving some of the code from an interpreted language to assembly code in order to speed it up
  • We’ve finally finished the computer design of the circuit boards, and we sent them out to get printed professionally today. We should be able to start soldering on the components by early next week when we get the boards.

Here are some pics of all the stuff I’m talking about :)

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