Tutorial 15 for Arduino: GPS Tracking


This tutorial was featured on the Cooking-Hacks website on 07/18/2012

This was easily the most time I’ve spent producing an Arduino Tutorial. I’ve been sporadically walking around NYC with this GPS for weeks as I’ve tweaked the code and gotten it just right. If it wasn’t obvious from the title, this tutorial will teach you how to use an arduino paired with a GPS Module and an SD Card Module to log your latitude and longitude over the course of a day. As a bonus, I’ll also show you how to easily overlay this data onto a map using services like Google Earth and Google Fusion Tables. I added a short “history lesson” to this episode to explain how GPS came to be; it’s the first time I’ve done that, so please let me know if you like the extra knowledge. Grab some popcorn and your Arduino, because this tutorial is pretty long – GPS is complicated! The schematics, programs, parts list, sample data, and important links are available for download below.

I used the tinyGPS library to decode the NMEA GPS Data. Cooking-Hacks generously supplied both the GPS shield and SD Card shield that I used in this tutorial.

You can download the files associated with this episode here: Arduino Tutorial 15 Files

Source materials for all my arduino tutorials can be found in my github repository.
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  1. Hi
    I have
    1. An Arduino
    2. A GPS module (I’m using the EM-406 from Sparkfun )
    3. A matching way to hook the GPS module to the Arduino (I went with Sparkfun’s GPS Shield )
    4. And a microSD Sheild

    would what i have work with this code

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