LCD Shield Review

August 12, 2011
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Review: WickedDevices Arduino LCD Shield

It’s LCD mania! Following my review of the Lumex 16×2 Character LCD from element14 and my recent tutorial on interfacing an Arduino with an LCD display, I have one more LCD-related post up my sleeve. WickedDevice, a small open source … Continue reading

Episode 13

July 31, 2011

Tutorial 13 for Arduino: Liquid Crystal Displays

I had initially planned to do an LCD tutorial a little further down the line, but there was very high demand for it, and I already had a circuit assembled for testing the new LCD that element14 sent me to … Continue reading

Lumex LCD Display

July 15, 2011

Product Road Test: Lumex Backlit 16×2 LCD Display

This is a review of the Lumex LCR-U01602DSF/DWH 16×2 Backlit LCD Display. It was provided to me for evaluation by element14/Newark Electronics. You can purchase it or learn more here. I tested its performance by using it with an arduino … Continue reading