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Driving 5 Speakers Simultaneously with an Arduino

This post was featured on the Hack-a-Day Blog on 9/14/10 Mimi Yin has a neat implementation of this code for an interactive sculpture. I’m working on a project where I want to drive 5 speakers independently – each with a variable volume and set frequency (though the frequency of each[…]

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Computer Destruction 101

It’s always a good idea to keep your old hard drives.  Case and point, if Zach (the one filming this video) hadn’t been looking through his old drive, he never would have found this gem that we filmed a few years ago.  It’s basically just 3 minutes of computer carnage,[…]

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YouTube Partner Status Achieved

Great News!  After posting my first video to Youtube over 2.5 years ago, I’ve finally been selected to join the youtube partner program.  As a member, my videos get priority, I’m eligible for revenue sharing if Ichoose to have ads appear next to my videos, and I get to do[…]

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So you’ve Built a Computer! Now What?

This most recent video tutorial, brought to you by, answers one of the biggest questions I get: how do you configure a computer once you’ve finished building it? I explain how to maneuver through the BIOS, ensure your temperatures are okay, setup a RAID array, set your default boot[…]

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TechBits – My new Vlog

I’m starting a Vlog!  It will be called TechBits.  The idea will be to informally answer tech/computer questions, talk about the technology industry, etc.  Below is the introduction video to the series.  Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel! :) The Description that goes with the video: TechBits will[…]

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Suggestions for Windows 7

I’ve used a whole lot of operating systems, but for many years, Windows has been my primary mode of computing.  I now use Vista on 3 machines and Ubuntu Linux on a 4th (with it also dual-booting on one of my Vista machines).  I’ve had a lot of experience with[…]

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