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When? April 2008 - August 2008
DeepNote Guitar Hero Bot
The Modified Guitar Hero Controller, with lots of Custom Circuitry Crammed in

What is DeepNote?

In short, it’s your ticket to finally playing “Through the Fire and the Flames” with 100% accuracy in the Guitar Hero video game.  DeepNote was developed by me and 4 other friends with the goal of designing a bot that could “watch” the game in real time, and play it just like a human would.  Other bots already existed that could have the note charts pre-programmed into them.  DeepNote, however, plays the game with no prior knowledge and is still able to achieve 99-100% accuracy.  We didn’t make DeepNote because we wanted to cheat at the game, we made it to learn about electrical and computer engineering concepts – I designed the circuits and worked on the note detection programming.

How does it Work & Can I Make it!?

There was extremely high demand for information about the inner workings of the bot and how people could build their own.  So, I put together an entire website to explain how the bot works in detail.  Check it out for more info on the inner workings of the DeepNote Bot.

DeepNote Website - MechanizedRock.com

System Walkthrough and Demo

System Architecture Explained Gameplay Footage

More DeepNote Videos:

DeepNote Schematics, Source Code, and Documentation

DeepNote is comprised of entirely open source hardware and software.  You can download all DeepNote materials in the GitHub Repository.  This project is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike.

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DeepNote in the News!

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I blogged the entire DeepNote design process.  Checkout my dedicated blog category to see every step of the development process: DeepNote Blog Posts