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When? January 2012 - May 2012
LibeTech Demo at BOOM 2012
LibeTech Demo at BOOM 2012
LibeTech Operation Flowchart
LibeTech Operation Flowchart (click to enlarge)

What is LibeTech and How does it Work?

The LibeTech QR code-based entry system is a unique way to do away with traditional keys and swipe cards. Using a simple web interface, approved users are added to the system via their email addresses. Once added, these users are sent a QR code via Email, that when held up to the system, allows them to unlock the door.  The flow chart to the right shows the complete system operation scheme.

What’s my Role?

LibeTech was a project that I executed with 3 fellow Cornell students during my Senior year.  My teammates, students in the school of hotel administration and the school of industrial labor relations, had entered the annual business plan competition with the idea to ease and customize the check-in process at hotels.  Fascinated by the idea, I joined the team as a technical director. I had been looking for an opportunity to play with the beaglebone linux microcomputer for some time, and this was the perfect opportunity.


LibeTech ended up making it to the finals (top 5 out of over 30 teams) in the business plan competition, and we won both the Verizon and GE Innovation awards at BOOM 2012.  You might also recall that my SudoGlove project was an award-winner the previous year at BOOM 2011.  After giving it a lot of thought and talking to industry professionals, we decided that attempting to bring this product to market would not be the way the go for a number of reasons.  Instead, I’ve released all the materials necessary to recreate the LibeTech system via the download links below.  Have fun!


This is a walkthrough of the complete system, including the nitty-gritty technical details.  If you just want to see a quick demo, skip to the demo clip.

Photo Gallery

Check out these photos of the LibeTech System, and our demos at BOOM 2012.  High-Res versions of all these photos can also be found in my flickr set.

Supporting Documentation, Designs, and Code

Creative Commons Open SourceLibeTech web and embedded code is released via a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.  Please Attribute and Share-Alike.  Please contact me if you intend to use these materials for commercial purposes.  All code is hosted on GitHub.  3D design files are hosted on Thingiverse.



Get it on GitHub (Beaglebone Code)
BeagleBone Code
Get it on GitHub (Web Code)
Web Code
Download from Thingiverse
Beaglebone + Webcam Mount

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