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When? 2013 (First Edition) & 2019 (Second Edition)

Through my Arduino tutorial series, I’ve been able to introduce millions of people around the world to engineering concepts. So, when Wiley approached me about publishing a book that could potentially allow me to reach even more people, I jumped at the opportunity. It’s my hope that this book will inspire people to find exciting new ways to solve problems using the engineering concepts that I cover in the book. Exploring Arduino uses the popular Arduino microcontroller platform as an instrument to teach topics in electrical engineering, programming, and human-computer interaction. The book shares best practices in programming and design that readers can apply to any project, and code snippets and schematics that will serve as useful references for future projects even after mastering all the topics in the book.

The first edition of Exploring Arduino was released in 2013. In 2019, I released the second edition, which added over 100 pages of new content, expanded on every topic from the original book, was printed in full color, and covered a variety of totally new topics including: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RF communications, Stepper motors, Accelerometers, and more!

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Watch the video below for an introduction to the second edition of Exploring Arduino:

In addition to writing the book, creating all the illustrations/visuals, and developing all the code (available on GitHub) and sample projects, I also built ExploringArduino.com, a comprehensive website that complements the book. It includes multimedia to accompany each chapter, detailed parts listings, code downloads, and more.

Reviews from Readers

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Spotlights from Altium

Here’s a video Spotlighting how the Arduino team designs their electronics – it includes cameos by me (skip to 1:45, 3:35 & 4:42)  and the second edition of Exploring Arduino:

Watch this video from Altium spotlighting the release of the second edition of Exploring Arduino:


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