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When? April 2011 - May 2011
Weather Station Display
Weather Station Computer Read-out

 What is the Wireless Weather Station, and how does it Work?

System Flowchart
System Flowchart
Weather Station Schematic
Remote Station Schematic

The name should be pretty self explanatory.  The system consists of two MSP340 microcontrollers equipped with radio antennae for wireless communication.  A remote, battery-powered MSP430 equipped with a humidity , temperature, and light sensor is placed in the location the user is interested in monitoring (on a window sill for example).  It records periodic samples, and transmits this information back to another MSP430 that is connected to a computer via a USB UART connection.  A processing script on the host computer communicates with the local MSP430 to collect the weather data and plot it in real time in the interface shown in the image above.  Current values are shown on the “billboard” with real-time values overlayed in a graph format so that changes are easy to identify.  The flowchart below explains how the system works in a more technical sense, and the schematic shows the remote MSP430 configuration.


See it in Action!

Weather Station Schematics, Source Code, and Documentation

This project is open source hardware and software.  You can download all of the materials in the GitHub Repository.  This project is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike.

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