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When? June 2007 - January 2011

Far More than Just a Website

UltimateComputers Project Portal
UltimateComputers Project Portal

UltimateComputers.net was an expansive online community of computer-building enthusiasts.  It all started with my very first youtube video in 2006, a simple video of me building my first computer.  People loved it, so I made more… then I started producing tutorials, reviews, and informational videos as well.  I eventually started to receive an unmanageable number of questions regarding advice on computer building.  To address these questions, Zach Lynn and I formed UltimateComputers.net, an online forum and project-sharing database where enthusiasts could help each other with their computer builds.


In its heyday, UltimateComputers.net was home to thousands of active users and over 50,000 postings on the forum.  Though it started as just a forum, I eventually developed a comprehensive user-generated-content project portal (shown to the right), a live chat system, an annual member awards event, a protein folding team, UC.net shirts, and a new platform for sharing the plethora of instructional videos I was producing.  In addition to overseeing the community, developing the site, and creating content, I also managed a dedicated linux server that I utilized to run the site.  High traffic made hosting the site on shared hosting impossible, so I taught myself the ins and outs of keeping a root linux server secure – I thwarted hackers on more than one occasion, and downtime was rare.


In January of 2011, I closed the website to new content, but it remains online as an archive of useful computer information.  You can read about why I decided to shut it down in my blog post on the matter.