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When? October 2011
TEDx Cornell
“People Hate to Share!” – I discuss the benefits of being open at TEDx

I was invited to be a speaker at Cornell’s Inaugural TEDx event.  TED is a non-profit group dedicated to spreading ideas in the fields of Technology, Entertainment, and Design; TEDx is an independently organized event built on the proven TED conference framework.  The theme of TEDx Cornell 2011 was “Rethinking our Society,” so naturally, my talk was titled “Open Source Society.”  In it, I explain why people and businesses hate sharing, and what we can all learn from the success stories of open source hardware companies such as MakerBot and Sparkfun.  In the background of the photo above, you’ll notice that I had a MakerBot Thing-O-Matic and [email protected] 3D printers – I develop electronics for both platforms.


The Cornell Daily Sun wrote an article about TEDx and my talk.  It was also featured on the adafruit blog and the Open Source Ecology Wiki.

 Watch the Video: