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When? May 2011 - Present

The Amp Hour Podcast

The Amp Hour The Amp Hour, hosted by Dave Jones and Chris Gammell, is a weekly podcast covering all things electrical engineering – I listen to it regularly, and was very excited to guest host episode 43, “Audacious Arduino Arguments” with Dave, Chris, and Jeff Keyzer.  This episode touched on everything from Arduinos, to cosmic bit flips.  Download it or listen on the Amp Hour Website

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The ZombieTech Podcast

ZombieTech Podcast ZombieTech, hosted by @tymkrs, is a weekly podcast begging a very important question: “How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?”  They invited me on the show for episode 7, where we discussed MakerBots, control systems, the open hardware summit, and, of course, my theoretical zombie survival kit.  Download it or listen on the ZombieTech Website. But it get’s even better!  Addie, the co-host, wrote a lovely song about me and the role I might play in the 3D-printed zombie corn apocalypse. (You’ll understand if you listen to the podcast and the song.)  Listen to the song on their soundcloud channel.


I guest hosted for a second time on episode number 48.  This time around, we discussed more 3D printing, the Cornell NYC Tech Campus, Blum Idea Labs, the PopShop, and Zombies! You can download the episode or listen to it on the ZombieTech website.


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