ReacXion Interactive Art

ReacXion LED Matrix Rear

ReacXion LED Matrix Rear

ReacXion Main Board

ReacXion Main Board

What is ReacXion?

ReacXion is my attempt at technological artistry. In short, I wanted to design an audiovisual theremin-type-device that would translate physical movements into sound and visual feedback. The system is still in the prototype stages, but I intend to complete it as soon as time allows. The system implements 5 infrared distance sensors, 5 speakers, an arduino microcontroller, a power/mode selection circuit, and an array of 256 independently addressable RGB LEDs. Each of the speakers is responsible for playing a different note on the pentatonic scale.

Driving Multiple Speaker Frequencies Simultaneously with an Arduino

Part of my goal with this project was to minimize external circuitry for driving the various components. Since I wanted to drive five speakers at five unique frequencies on the pentatonic scale, I needed to devise a way to generate the frequency signals using only the Arduino. There aren’t enough timer interrupts available on the atmega328 to handle all 5 speakers simultaneously, so I used some clever math to drive all the speakers using software timer interrupts and only one timer. You can read all about that sub-project here. It was also covered on Hack-a-Day and was the topic of some very active discussions about timer interrupts. One of my readers even replicated my code in C to improve efficiency! This code was also used for an art project by an NYU student. Open Source for the win!

Build Logs and Progress (Video Playlist: Build Logs 1-4)

ReacXion Schematics, Source Code, and Documentation

ReacXion is comprised of entirely open source hardware and software. You can download all ReacXion materials in the GitHub Repository. This project is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike.

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ReacXion Coverage and Derivatives

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