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When? March 2012
Potato Battery Exhibit at the USS Intrepid
Teaching about Anodes, Cathodes, and Redox Reactions

In March 2012, I, along with other members of Cornell University Sustainable Design (CUSD), were invited to lead an exhibit and activities at the Intrepid Museum in NYC for the engineering weekend of their “Salute to Women” month.  We utilized potato batteries to teach kids about electricity, chemical reactions, parallel and series circuits, and energy efficiency.  At a nearby table, we employed a “Sustainability Quiz Board”, to help the kids test their knowledge of sustainability and electricity.  With a 30 pound bag of gumdrops and several thousand toothpicks, we setup a station were kids were able to learn about molecular structures by building their own molecules.  The toothpicks represented the valence electrons which we incorporated into our explanation of electricity flow in the potato battery interactive exhibit.

You can find some photos of the day here.