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When? April 2011 - May 2013

Contributing to the Electrical Engineering Community

element14 ProfileNewark and Premier Farnell, the parent companies of element14, are responsible for an enormous amount of electronics components shipped every day.  Element14 serves as the official Newark community, allowing electrical engineers to learn from eachother and get the information they need to succeed. In addition to producing Arduino tutorials sponsored by element14, I am also a featured blogger on their site, and the designated “Arduino Community Expert.”


My element14 blogs have ranged in topics from renewable energy, to security systems, to an analysis of open source licensing schemes.  I even covered the 2011 Open Hardware Summit for element14.  Outside of the blogosphere, I serve as the element 14 Arduino expert, offering up advice to individuals looking to get started with the Arduino microcontroller platform.


element14 TV Launch Partner

I’m one of the featured contributors to element14 TV, a video portal for people to get tons of information of electrical engineering.  Checkout the trailer video from element14 below:

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