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When? July 2011 - December 2015

Providing Valuable Information to Hobbyists

Seeing that I’ve produced dozens and dozens of widely viewed and acclaimed engineering videos, I’m often approached by companies who will send me products to review or utilize in a tutorial.  I do not accept payment for these reviews, as I want them to be unbiased, but I do generally get to keep the components.  Sometimes, I utilize the parts in tutorial videos, and other times I do a dedicated written or video review.  I have reviewed components from element14, Wicked Device, and Cooking-Hacks/Libelium thus far, and have many products “on-deck” for review.  If you’d like me to review a product, you can contact me.  You can check out some reviews in my blog category.

Example Review

Here’s an example of a video review of the Wicked Device LCD shield for Arduinos: